Josa necklace "Ducale rose gold"


Palazzo Ducale is the most impressive symbol of Venice: a lagoon facing palace, home of the Doge (Venice’s leader) and of all its most influential governing bodies. Tintoretto, Veronese and all the most influential painters of Venetians‘ history filled its walls. Josa‘s flower is carved on the Palazzo Ducale façade.

  • Water proof: Our products never fade or lose their colour.
  • Sterling Silver: Our jewels are made of 100% Sterling Silverplated in Rose Gold 18K, Gold 18K, Silver or Ruthenium. Nickel Free
  • Unisex: Josa necklaces are perfect for him and her
  • Locally crafted: Josa necklaces are manufactured with care in Veneto, the Venice region.
  • High quality: The quality of our handmade jewels is a priority at Josa, that's why we make every effort to comply with the highest quality standards.

Size: Josa’s necklaces are fully adjustable and will fit everyone's neck as they're adjustable. We designed them to be delicate, comfortable and durable. The size of the 'Josa drop' plate is 11mm x 11mm

Josa necklace "Ducale rose gold"
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